Retirement Income

retired couple sailing
cradling a retirement nest egg in hand
grandparents sitting with grandchildren
After a lifetime of work, raising a family and saving, it's finally time to retire.  It is a time to enjoy and celebrate all your efforts.  Retirement means different things to different people:

     - Spending time with grandchildren

     - Traveling

     - A second home or cottage

     - Volunteering and charities

     - Many, many more

At Azimuth we help with all the choices facing you.  How do I turn my savings into an income stream?  How do I combine all the different sources of income like Social Security, pensions, annuities, and more?

Azimuth will help you protect your principal and grow it at a reasonable rate with a focus on risk management and trying to keep your income ahead of the rising cost of living "inflation".  Many people will enjoy 30 years or more in retirement, that is a long time to "pay yourself".  The decisions you make now can greatly impact your retirement success.

Azimuth also guides its clients through other retirement decisions that can impact you and your family tremendously.

     - Long term care options

     - Transferring wealth to the next generation

     - Gifting

     - Tax efficiency

     - Many, many more

Old Chinese Proverb - "A dream without a plan turns into a nightmare".